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1437 E Brady St. Milwaukee, WI. 53202 Phone: 414.273.6682 Hours: Tues - Thurs: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm / Fri: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm / Sat: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm / Sun: By Appointment
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Lash Boutique Milwaukee
we are proud to offer the following product lines:
* we are proud to offer the following product lines.
1437 E Brady St. Milwaukee, WI. 53202 Phone: 414.273.6682 Hours: Tues - Thurs: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm / Fri: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm / Sat: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm / Sun: By Appointment
hair services
men’s cut $30+ women’s cut $45 blow out style $35 special occasion $55+ style rehearsal $75
color services
one layer color all over color by consult color glaze $35 retouch color base only $50
dimensional color partial highlight/low light $75+ full highlight/low light $100+
hair extensions
Hair extensions can help add length, volume, color enhancement or a combination of the three. The experience of the extension artist matters. References available upon request.
lash tint $25 brow tint $20 (or free with color service)
partial head full head color enhancement
high-light/low-light fantasy color
hair treatments
coppola keratin smoothing treatment brazilian blowout conditioning treatment
by consult by consult
$8/piece $8/piece
$350 $100+ $10+
wedding and event packages
hair, manicure, pedicure, makeup hair, manicure, makeup hair, makeup (prices are per person)
* customize your beauty experience
$175 $125 $100
Take the stress out of preparing for a special event and leave it in the hands of our professional staff. Salon Nova can customize a beauty experience for yourself or a group. From hair, makeup & nails to champagne and refreshments, our focus is to create a nurturing environment where you can relax and enjoy your special day.
medical aesthetic services
botox juvaderm ultra juvaderm ultra plus radiesse restylane
microdermabrasion-crystal free dermaplaning skinCeuticals gl gel peel skinCeuticals sm gel peel skinCeuticals pigment peel
VI peel
(Ask about our package pricing.) * professional/medical strength products
by consult $550
$575 $450+ $525
$125+ $125+ $100+ $100+ $150 $350
We offer medical strength skin care products by SkinCeuticals. These products provide quality backed by science, and are designed to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin and correct previous damage. Radiant skin is our mission at Salon Nova. All medical skin care services are provided by Michelle L. Melstrand, a registered nurse with over 11 years of aesthetic experience.
* Michelle’s Melstrand’s medical director is KENNETH D. DEMBNY M.D. Diplomate Of The American Board of Plastic Surgery
skin services
brow design $35 maintenance (brow wax) $18 lip/chin $15 nasal $15 bikini $30 brazilian $65 under arm $25 full arm $35 half arm $25 full leg $65 half leg $45 back $40
application $50 airbrush makeup $75
permanent make-up brows $350 eyeliner $400 lip liner $200 full lip $500 beauty mark $100
facial treatments
clear skin 60 mins: $85
This clinical skin treatment is for reactive and problematic skin that desires balance. A comprehensive system designed to combat breakouts at every dimension. Following a deep cleansing whip, an enzymatic exfoliant is applied to decongest and prepare skin for extractions. This treatment concludes with a Glo Therapeutics hydrating mask to fortify and balance skin. You will be amazed with the clarity of your skin.
dry & sensitive 60 mins: $80
This skin treatment is highly effective to deeply hydrate, nourish and strengthen dry and weakened skin. Powerful antioxidants such as Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C help protect against environmental stressors. At the core of the treatment is gentle exfoliation to slough away dead skin so that nourishing actives can penetrate to replenish moisture. Masks and serums strengthen the skin to aid the moisturizer’s function and keep irritants out. Your skin will be deeply moisturized and hydrated.
skin brightening 60 min: $80
Win the battle against dull and dark/overpigmented skin with this treatment. The products used in this treatment complement the lightening process as well as inhibit melanin synthesis. With the combination brighteners and lighteners like alpha hydroxy acids, you will notice accelerated results lifting excess pigmentation resulting in brighter skin.
relaxing & conditioning 60 min: $75
Define and enhance your sense of beauty with this skin service. Refine and balance the skin with exfoliation, masking and serums filled with potent antioxidants and essential vitamins. The hallmark of this service is the tranquil facial, neck, arm and hand massage. This is a classic skin treatment for general preventative care.
renewing 30 min: $40
Short on time? This is the perfect lunchtime skin care service. Bring new life to your skin with special Alpha Hydroxy Acids, exfoliants, and hydrating masks. This service is also a perfect compliment with pre or post eyelash extensions.
Here are a few tips to follow to get the most out of your eyelash extensions.
- Do not play with, rub, or pull your lashes. - Eyelash extensions like to be clean and dry.
- Mascara is not recommended. If you do wear mascara for a spe- cial occasion, use water washable mascara.
- Powder liner is preferred; pencil liner may contain oils which can loosen the bond and cause lashes to shed prematurely.
- Avoid cream shadow. - Avoid oil based products around your eyes.
- Avoid oil based eye-makeup removers. We recommend “Cleanse” by LiquiFan Lashes. Dab to dry.
- If you sleep on your face or sides, a satin pillowcase can help extend the life of your lashes.